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Camping the trash out

January 2021 - May 2021



work from home (possibility of field work)


20. decembar

About us

The Museum of Popular and Subcultures is a non-governmental organization founded in 2020 in Belgrade with the aim of working in the field of popular and subcultures, encouraging creative education and critical thinking in the field of popular and subcultures through exhibitions, workshops, projects, programs and all animation, creative and related activities. The activity of the museum is also reflected in the creation of a creative and stimulating atmosphere for overcoming prejudices towards/ or between popular and subcultures, as well as encouraging cooperation and production of works of art and creative works. The museum seeks to open a creative and research space for the work of cultural experts (culturologists, cultural sociologists, cultural anthropologists, communicators, andragogues, contemporary art theorists and experts in related professions) and thus raise awareness of the importance of these professions, which are honestly insufficient represented in society.

Camping the trash out is a pilot project of the organization which, through these goals, seeks to open space for diverse and creative discussion and creativity within the theme of camp style and phenomena.

The project is supported by the Prince Claus Fund / Next Generation 2020.

What can I expect while working on the project?

• Research engagement on the project in the period from January 2021 to May 2021;
• Work based on previously set deadlines (drafts, reports, final work);
• Finalization within a research paper based on your proposal in the application (you choose what you research!);
• Creative atmosphere, socializing, balance of group and individual work;
• Fee for your commitment to the project;

Who can apply?

• Student or graduate of all levels of study in the field of social and related sciences (culturology, sociology, anthropology, ethnology, communication, andragogy, art theory ...)

• If you are interested in topics of popular and subcultures, and you come from other areas that are not listed in the ad, feel free to apply and show your unique perspective through your application!

What do I need to apply?

It is obligatory to send:

• Short work / volunteer / creative biography - in .pdf (.jpg) or .doc format with the necessary information (studies, degree of study, interests, previous experience, etc.)
• Cover letter - Why do you want to join our team? What do you want to learn and explore new and what is it that you want to contribute to this project? (optional form: text, video, audio ...)
• Topic and short summary - working title, short summary of the research subject, methodology you would like to apply in your research, theories and research questions or hypotheses. (A4 format up to two pages in short lines).


It is desirable (optional) to send:
• Previous research papers on related and similar topics;
• Papers that are not strictly research (journalistic articles, reviews, blogs, video and audio articles ...) on topics of popular cultures and subcultures;
• Description of work experience in the non-governmental sector or private or state in the field of culture;
• References and contact persons;

What topics can I research?

Topics can be suggested and researched in the following areas:

- Understanding of camp culture (topics concerning the definition of camp, characteristics, case studies of camp, phenomena from popular culture, etc.);
- History of Kemp in Serbia (it should not be a historical account of Kemp in Serbia, you can deal with a certain period, eg "Kemp and the interwar period"; "Appearances of kemp in the early nineties" or comparatively "Kemp in 2010 2000im '' ...)
- Camp and gender perspective (eg "Representation of the female body in the camp", "Camp and transgenderism", "Masculinity and camp" ..),


These are just general examples of topics, so feel free to let your imagination run wild and choose a topic that is interesting to you and suggest it in your own way. We appreciate unique ideas and original proposals with a clear structure.


Send the application by email:


All additional questions related to the topics, project, selection and how to apply can be sent by e-mail:


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Good luck!